The Genna Lab is always looking for highly motivated graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing research. If you are interested in joining our team please make an appointment to meet with Professor Genna to discuss potential opportunities. 


Primary Investigator


Doug Genna (

Professor Douglas Genna was born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania just north of Philadelphia. He received his BS in 2006 from Haverford College working in the area of total synthesis with Fran Blase. In the fall of that same year he joined the lab of Gary H. Posner at The Johns Hopkins University, where he studied chirality transfer in allylic substitution chemistry and the copper mediated conversion ofcarboxylic acids into a ketones. In December 2011, he defended his thesis and joined the lab of Melanie S. Sanford at the University of Michigan in January 2012 for his postdoctoral studies. In the Sanford lab he studied the heterogenization of homogeneous catalysts inside Metal-Organic Frameworks. After two and half years in Ann Arbor he joined the faculty at Youngstown State University in August 2014.

In his spare time Doug enjoys a good game of ping pong with his family.



Graduate Students


Undergraduate Students

Joseph Strozier (

Project: Deinterpenetration of Metal-organic Frameworks.

B.S. Youngstown State University, 2016



Alissa Geisse (

Project: Using Non-Covalent Interactions in Solid-state Materials for Water Remediation

B.S. Youngstown State University, 2017


Joseph Pallone (

Project: Synthesis of Silylated Organometallic Complexes

B.S. Youngstown State University, 2018



Emily Fromel

Project: Mechanism of SBU Formation in MOFs